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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Next time you meet someone who thinks they know what the word "god" means....

Whether or not they are a theist or an atheist, or some flavor within those ranges, point them at this...

Controlled storage and transfer of photonic space-time quantum-coherence in active quantum dot nanomaterials
E. Gehrig and O. Hess
Optics Express, Vol. 16, Issue 6, pp. 3744-3752

We demonstrate the potential of semiconductor quantum dot nanomaterials for solid-state based controllable quantum memories in which losses may be compensated by gain. The dynamic photonic quantum-coherence present in a quantum dot ensemble and generated by a coherent signal pulse is influenced and controlled by disorder, spectral detuning and the power of the pulse. We show that the high coupling of spatial and temporal degrees of freedom is a key requirement for coherence transfer and/or storage.

quantum memory for quantum computers

Hat tip Thoreau at Unqualified Offerings


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